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First Aid Kit Auditing

First Aid Kit Auditing

We have several options available for your kit auditing.

Self Auditing

Self Auditing involves you downloading our audit form and conducting the audit yourself,  you email us a copy of your completed audit form and we process the order and ship it, once payment is made.

This type of auditing involves no audit fees, you only pay for the products that you need and freight to get them to you.

Download audit form here 


Drop off auditing

Drop off auditing involves, dropping your kits off to us in Mayfield West. We audit the kits for you, supply you with that they need and you pay for these items upon pick up.

This type of auditing involves a service fee of $15 per kit plus the cost of your supplies.

During the time your kits are in our possession they will be cleaned, new labels applied (if needed) and that all stock in your kits is in date, packed neatly and made easy for you to access, no more messy kit.


Onsite Auditing

Onsite auditing is only available to those in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas. This is a service where by we come to you and audit your first aid kits.

This type of auditing does involves a Site fee and in some cases a travel fee depending on location.

Please contact us for more information regarding onsite auditing