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Aeroburn Burn Gel Tube 25g


Burn Gel Tube 25g

AeroBurn Burn Gel is an effective first aid treatment for minor burns, scalds and sunburn,  hydrogel formula which contains over 90% water with melaleuca oil and aloe vera for natural healing power.


Enriched with Aloe Vera

  • Aloe Vera is often regarded as the ‘first aid plant’ due to its amazing healing properties. Aloe Vera speeds up the recovery of skin wounds and is proven to aid cellular rejuvenation.

Contains Melaleuca Oil

  • Melaleuca Oil, a natural product of the tea tree, is a proven antiseptic and antifungal remedy which is beneficial for all skin types and does not alter skin cell rejuvenation. Melaleuca oil also has local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hydrates the Burn Site

AeroBurn gel hydrates the burn site giving relief from pain and encouraging faster healing.

MSDS for AEROBURN Squeeze Bottles and Tubes click here

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