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Code of Practice Kit contents only

Code of Practice Kit contents only



Code of Practice Kit Contents: 

  • 1x   Adhesive Paper tape
  • 3x   5cm Conforming bandages
  • 3x   7.5cm Conforming bandages
  • 2x   Calico Triangular Bandages
  • 1x   Notepad and Pen
  • 1x   Emergency Thermal Blanket
  • 4x   Eye pads
  • 8x   Sterile eyewash ampoules 15ml
  • 1x   First aid pamphlet
  • 1x   Forceps
  • 5x   Gauze Swabs pk5
  • 5x   Nitrile gloves
  • 6x   5x5cm low adherent dressings
  • 3x   7.5x10cm low adherent dressings
  • 1x   10x10cm Low adherent dressing
  • 1x   Amputated parts bag (set 3)
  • 1x   Antiseptic spray 50ml
  • 1x   Safety pins pk12
  • 1x   10x20cm Combine dressing
  • 1x   80gm Ice pack
  • 1x   Disposable face shield
  • 1x   10cm crepe bandage
  • 5x   Burn gel sachets
  • 1x   Wound wipes pk10
  • 1x   Wound dressing #14
  • 1x   Wound dressing #15
  • 1x   Stainless steel scissors
  • 2x   Splinter probes pk5
  • 1x   Plastic/Fabric bandaids pk50

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