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Disposable Pen Light Torch

Disposable Pen Light Torch


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Disposable Pen Light Torch

The AERODIAGNOSTIC range offers a selection of commonly used diagnostic supplies in the healthcare industry.


Pulse Oximeters

These devices are commonly used to measure oxygen saturation levels and pulse measurement, to advise if oxygen supply is required and determine heart rate.

Peak Flow Meters

These devices are required for monitoring patients suffering from respiratory disease or discomfort, to measure oxygen flow rate.


Thermometers are critical for measuring body temperature to diagnose and monitor fever or illness. Available in digital or glass thermometers.

Diagnostic PenlightsDiagnostic penlights are useful for providing a light source for testing pupil dilation and also as a secondary light source when examining first aid injuries.

Tongue Depressor

A wooden tongue depressor is used to depress the tongue when examining the throat or mouth