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Code of Practice First Aid Kit – Softpack

Code of Practice First Aid Kit – Softpack


The National Code of Practice First Aid Kit is an industry standard kit.

This kit caters for all basic injuries from cuts, muscular strains, minor burns, broken bones, eye injuries and shock.

For a more industry specific kit you can purchase on top of this kit an upgrade module. Modules include remote work, outdoor work and burns.

Code of Practice Kit Contents: 

  • 1x   Adhesive Paper tape
  • 3x   5cm Conforming bandages
  • 3x   7.5cm Conforming bandages
  • 2x   Calico Triangular Bandages
  • 1x   Notepad and Pen
  • 1x   Emergency Thermal Blanket
  • 4x   Eye pads
  • 8x   Sterile eyewash ampoules 15ml
  • 1x   First aid pamphlet
  • 1x   Forceps
  • 5x   Gauze Swabs pk5
  • 5x   Nitrile gloves
  • 6x   5x5cm low adherent dressings
  • 3x   7.5x10cm low adherent dressings
  • 1x   10x10cm Low adherent dressing
  • 1x   Amputated parts bag (set 3)
  • 1x   Antiseptic spray 50ml
  • 1x   Safety pins pk12
  • 1x   10x20cm Combine dressing
  • 1x   80gm Ice pack
  • 1x   Disposable face shield
  • 1x   10cm crepe bandage
  • 5x   Burn gel sachets
  • 1x   Wound wipes pk10
  • 1x   Wound dressing #14
  • 1x   Wound dressing #15
  • 1x   Stainless steel scissors
  • 2x   Splinter probes pk5
  • 1x   Plastic bandaids pk50
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